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Locally Owned and Operated

Firefly Kennel, LLC is owned and operated by Julie Brown. Julie is a lifelong animal advocate and has been training her own dogs since 1990. That training became even more of a passion when Julie and her husband, Bill, started hunting with their dogs. Julie has had the unique opportunity to train with some outstanding professionals in Maine, Georgia, and Florida. These experiences have provided much knowledge, especially for starting hunting dogs off right.

Meet Our Beautiful Furry Family Members


Jack, our Yellow English Labrador Retriever

Jack is a laid-back dog who loves to play with other dogs. Jack is very social. He upland hunts with me and my husband, Bill, and can flush partridge and woodcock like no other. He also enjoys riding in the dump truck and going to work with Bill. We call Jack our farm dog...


Chloe, our Yellow American Field Labrador Retriever

Chloe is a fun-loving versatile dog. She has her AKC Master Hunt Title, Field Trial Derby points, and is an avid waterfowl hunter. High powered, steady in the blind, and a dream in the house... Chloe is currently continuing her Field Trial Training.


Sammie, our Field Bred English Cocker

Because many people ask, her coloring is a unique Orange Roan with heavy ticking. Sammie loves going to training with the big dogs and often steals the show with her ability to retrieve mallard ducks, just like the labs. Sammie participated in two AKC Spaniel Field Trials just after turning two years old and is currently continuing her Field Trial training.

We'll Love Your Pet Like It's Our Own

Our pets are part of our family, we love them and cherish our time spent with them. Rest assured that when you choose Firefly Kennel, LLC your pet will be treated with compassion, respect and the utmost care for a comfortable stay.